Hand-engraved, brilliant-cut glass products and related services

All our products are made by authentically brilliant cutting glass, as produced in the late 19th century.

GlassCarve is situated in Liljendal, Southern Finland. We proudly serve both corporate and private customers within Finland and internationally.

Product Examples

  • Window glass panels
  • Mirrors
  • Table tops
  • Glass shelving


  • Designs for brilliant cutting
  • Repair and restoration of brilliant-cut items
  • Evaluation and consulting services

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3 months ago
Dunmore Rural Fire Brigade

4th January 2020
Currowan Fire Shoalhaven
Dunmore 1 Crew 5
Overrun Dash Cam

Timely reminder how quick a fire can impact under a southerly wind which hits 10 minutes earlier than forecasted.
Our Brigade was tasked to undertake property protection ahead of the Southerly Wind which is expected to hit around 19:10 hours in Tomerong.
18:59.14 Crew has set up for property protection and receiving supplies from other units. You will notice there is no current wind in the area.
18:59:24 Southerly wind begins to hit the area.
19:00.05 Crew brace for property protection, which is out of view on the left side of our truck.
19:00.10 Day turns to night.
19:00.25 Ember attack commences.
19:00.40 Southerly wind hits at 100kph.
19:01.00 Extreme ember attack, spot fires and overrun hits our crew and truck.
19:01.22 Crew member activates cab sprays to protect truck as fire spreads rapidly to the North.
19:01:35 Crew continue to protect themselves, property and truck.
19:02.14 Cab sprays ... See more

4 months ago

Back cutting. Xmas over now, even though our tree still up 🎄😂 Might as well leave it there now.

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